Trade List

I am always looking for sundries or dolls so it's possible that I may be willing to trade.  Here are some of the things I might be interested in...

Stock Dolls & Kenners

I am mostly looking for BLs at the moment......Parco, Mondie, Matte HW, Kozy, Sunday Best, and open to others.  I would also trade for Skate Date EBL, Strawberries Creamy and Cute, Dear Lele Girl, and Amaryllis, or I am often open to just about any stock doll that I can customize.  I may also be interested in scalps, bait dolls, and middies.

Custom Dolls

I've always got my eyes peeled for a new girl by TCT, Tiina, Vainilladolly, or Hola Gominola.  And I would really love a Camille by M for Monkey

Sundries (not in any particular order)

2. M for Monkey Lederhosen or wool capes (and sets), especially the new WOODLANDS SETS!
3. Cosmia
4. Caramelody
5. Lounging Linda
6. Mimsy hats..... Black, grey, white, brown, lavender
7. Ran Ran plaid kitty dress, red or yellow
8. Iris Blakk
9. I Cant Dance
10.  Cute stock stuff....Wendy Weekender, University of Love, ART ATTACK GoGGLES!
11. Poupee Mechanique
12. Stellinna
13. Puppy 52
14. Moshi Moshi
15. Duchess Darling crowns
16. Cool hoodies, jeans, TTYA, etc...
17. Parasol Doll
18. Plastic Fashion
19.  M for Monkey Camille doll
20. Eurotrash helmets
21.  Shoes... DaKawaiiDolls, Lavender Hug boots, Doc Martins, Takara oxfords
22.  Non crocheted items by the Future
23. Cossette

If you have something good, try me!  Even if it's not on the list.  I may not know I need it!

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